Cards for kids

I get so much self reflection and mindfulness out of my Tarot and Oracle cards and thought “I want to be able to share this with my kiddos”. So welcome to my wish list.

Little Renegades Mindful Kids

I’ve come to realize that watercolor is my favorite brand of art so these cards had me at “Hello”. I love the gentle guided phrases accompanying each image. $20

There’s also a Little Renegades Bedtime version, $20, or you can get both sets as a bundle for $35.

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards

Cute little animals with sayings like “try something new” or “ask for help”. My middle guy is particularly connected to animals so I could see him liking these. $15

Bloom and Bliss Children’s Affirmation Cards

Beautiful cards being sold on Etsy- lots of really positive affirmations and I love the smiley faces and colors. $20

Kids Kindness Cards

I’m from Arizona so that cactus art is calling my soul. These are from Shop Elle Nove on Etsy- $23

Children’s Motivational, Affirmation Cards

And more Etsy, lots of good options over there, these are from the Mail your mark shop. Bright, cute, and cheerful. $17.50

Mindful Kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities for Kindness

These are cool because they come with detailed instructions so it’s sort of like a game. $13.50

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