The Best FREE Astrology Charts

I cannot and will not ever get over the fact that Cafe Astrology exsists. The amount of info they give away in their FREE birth charts is mind-blowing. Pages and pages on your every sign, aspect, square, house, etc, etc, etc. I haven’t ever seen another free birth chart service like this on the internet- it’s the coolest.

And yes folks, oh yes, there’s more. They also offer romantic compatibility charts! These charts are perfect for over analyzing your friend’s new boyfriends or trying to finally figure out your husband of 14 years. Super detailed, and super free. FREE! Seriously though, pulling up these charts feels like you’re robbing an astrologer, but it’s all right there for the taking. Internet magic.

Want to talk about your chart? As shown above I’m a Gemini sun AND moon, which means I love to communicate- hit me up in the comments below!

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