Singing Bowls

Listen, I love the Kardashian fam, I think they’re adorable, it is what it is- sorry not sorry lol. So ANYways… there I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram when I stumbled across my girl Kendall playing some singing bowls. I’ve only ever really heard metal singing bowls before, and they are cool, but these crystal ones are a new thing for me. I felt instantly relaxed.

Singing Bowls- Kendall Jenner

I was so into listening to her play that I went straight to YouTube to see what else is out there.

With 200K subscribers, “Healing Vibrations” is the most popular singing bowl channel that I found. At the moment of writing this, there are 180 singing bowl videos to choose from with a surprising amount of variety. From guided meditations, to morning chakra sessions, to sleeply “sound baths”, this channel has it all. You can also follow him over on Instagram.

11 Minute Morning Chakra Tune Up- Healing Vibrations
Softest Crystal Singing Bowls Sleep Sounds- Healing Vibrations
Guided Mediation for Sleep – Healing Vibrations

I found this video that teaches you how to play crystal bowls, which lead me to look up crystal bowls on Amazon. I narrowly escaped a 1am impulse buy but did add them to my Wishlist so… stay tuned (pun intended).

Crystal Singing Bowl Tutorial- Rebel Human

And finally, there’s this whole other genre of metal singing bowls that have a different sound/energy to them.

10 Minute Tibetan Singing Bowls- Healing Sounds
ASMR Himalayan Singing Bowls – Whispers Red

Do you have a favorite singing bowl video? Send it my way in the comments below.

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