Psychic Reccomendation: Cindy Vega

Sometimes in life- you ask for something and it appears. This was how the universe brought Cindy into my life.

On New Year’s Eve, I wrote in my manifestation journal, “finally get a psychic reading”. Later that week, I posted on a social media group and a podcast host reached out to recommend Cindy to me. I then listened to her episode on the Spiritual Spiral podcast. Right away I felt drawn to her keeping-it-real NYC energy and her infectious laugh.

From there I went to check out her Instagram. I was so excited to discover that every Friday night she offers a “happy hour” one card mini reading ($5). It’s an Instagram live so you can see her, but she can’t see you.

My best friend and I both signed up for that first Happy Hour with nervous anticipation. The day before, I had listened to a podcast about the ways we try to make people “perfect” and realized I’ve been unfairly doing that to my husband. I said to my guides, “Ok, if this is for real, have her bring up my aha moment from the podcast in some way, and I’ll know”.

The theme of the night was love readings- and I waited, listening to a dozen other readings where she gave messages to people looking for love. I’ve been with my husband for 14 years- so I was curious to see if she would be able to pick up on that. When it was my turn Cindy flipped over the wedding card for me, “Ohhhhhkayyy,” I said. Next she said, “They keep telling me to say ‘He’s not perfect’”. O.M.G. My whole body broke out in chills.

My best friend went next. For her privacy I won’t get into details, but she had been feeling very anxious and having trouble breathing. You could visually see Cindy feeling her anxiety and then she said, “I feel like I cannot breathe”. She went on to describe her situation with astounding accuracy. After her reading we immediately called each other and screamed “ho-ly shit” into the phone because we couldn’t believe what just happened.

Since then happy hour with Cin has become one of my favorite parts of my week. I’ve seen her deliver so many beautiful messages to people- even telling someone they had a baby energy around them, to which he replied, “My wife is pregnant”.

Yesterday I had a private reading with Cin and it was so validating. I loved it. I signed up on her website for a 30 minute reading and she called me on FaceTime.

She gave me lots of validation about things that I’ve always suspected. Last week I was telling my husband that sometimes when I’m giving people advice it feels like the words are coming through me and not from me. Sure enough Cin said, “I’m gonna give it you- they are saying they sort of use you- to give people messages- when that’s happening you are channeling”. It feels like such a beautiful gift, proof that magic is real to have someone deliver my private thoughts back to me.

If anyone has been feeling nervous about getting their first psychic reading, Cindy has such a welcoming realness to her energy and is so easy to talk to. You can get to know her on her Instagram “Cafe con Cin” lives, her happy hours, or on her podcast “Third Eye Mind”. By the time you get your reading, it feels like talking to an old friend.

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