Guided Journals Wish List

I’m in the market for a guided journal… or maybe like… several guided journals cause all of these are so damn pretty.

Check out my wish list!

Made Out of Stars – My favorite art medium is watercolor, so this beautiful journal fits the Bill. It focuses on pretty quotes and self-realization journal prompts. $12

Growth Journal – Gorgeous journal I found on Etsy intended to use during times of growth and change. It is separated into sections; setting goals, growing efforts, nurturing momentum, reflecting on growth. $16

Q&A a Day – I LOVE this concept. Q&A a Day journal prompts a question a day, and when you finish the year- you begin again, and again for a total of five years. I think this is such a fun and whimsical way to track your personal growth. $11

Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal – A simple, inexpensive gratitude journal with a pretty cover. Invites users to list three things a day they are grateful for. $7

Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal – This journal has 60 prompts intended to address the repressed shadow parts of our personalities. This one kind of scares me, which probably means it the one I need to buy. $20

The Best Journal Ever – This one really speaks to my type 1 Enneagram. The Best Journal Ever combines habit tracking, self reflection, and daily gratitude in an organized way. $22

Present Not Perfect – Whimsical prompts and dreamy illustrations, what’s not to love? Present Not Perfect is the journal for people who need to slow down and connect with the present moment. $12

Do you have a favorite guided journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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