Meet My Deck: Spacious Tarot

Meet my deck, The Spacious Tarot, isn’t she pretty? The Spacious Tarot is a collaboration between artist Annie Ruygt and tarot reader Carrie Mallon. I first discovered Carrie through her extensive series explaining the symbolism of the Wild Unknown tarot deck (which I also own). Loving her perspective on tarot I was first in line for her own deck.

This is a nature-based deck- except for the death card skeleton hands, there are no human depictions. I find myself drawn to nature decks in general because the symbolism is gentle and easier for me to resonate with.

The Spacious Tarot is a Rider-Waite inspired deck. The cards are meant to be “stepped into to” and experienced from a first-person perspective. The hanged man is a good example of this for me. When I look at that card I feel like I’m standing on the moon, looking down on earth waiting, contemplating. I particularly like the darkening color story of the manor arcana as the fool is lead into their journey and then back out into the light again.

The symbolism in the pentacles suit is very intuitive. The ace of pentacles shows an oak seed and the 10 of pentacles is a fully grown tree. I like the use of animal families for the court cards- for the pentacles they use bears. To keep the deck gender-neutral the terms child, explorer, elder, and guardian replace the traditional terms.

These cups are dreamy. Two of cups is one of my favorite cards in the deck, the art, and colors of this speak to me.

If that nine of swords mouse doesn’t make you feel things… then I don’t even know.

Bursting with reds, yellows, oranges, and the wand cards aptly envoke the feelings of passion and fire that I’d expect from a wand suit.

You can buy your own Spacious Tarot deck here for $49.

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