Simple Tarot Spreads

When I’m pulling cards for myself, I usually keep it simple. I center myself, light a candle or hold a crystal. Then I mentally decide on a spread and overhand shuffle my cards until I feel one pop out. Let intuition be your guide and a see what insights your deck has for you.

What is my theme for today?

What message do my spirit guides have for me?

What lesson should I be working on right now?

What do I need to know about ____?

Something to grow, Something to let go

Weighing a choice: Option 1 vs Option 2

What should I focus on right now? What will be the result?

What’s the cause of my problem?, What’s the solution?

Check on your energy: Mind, Body, Spirit

You, Other person, Your relationship

Start doing this, Continue doing this, Stop doing this

What does my soul want? What’s holding me back? How do I get there?

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