Reincarnation Evidence: Jenny Cockell

Jenny Cockell, a British woman born in the 1950s has memories that are not from her current life. From a young age, she had vivid memories of living in an Irish cottage…with eight children… in the 1930s!

Jenny’s quest to find answers for her unusual memories presents some of the strongest evidence for reincarnation that I have ever come across.

At the age of four, Jenny realized her memories and dreams were flooded with images that didn’t belong to her. Despite never having been there, she drew maps of the Irish village Malahide. She had detailed memories of life inside a small cottage, describing the layout, food preparation, funny moments, and her name; Mary. She most vividly remembered her eight children including their names and personality traits. At night she would have a reoccurring nightmare of Mary, sick and dying. These dreams carried with them a message: find the children.

As an adult, Jenny took a trip to Malahide. She was able to locate all the places she drew on her childhood maps, including the remains of Mary’s cottage now in ruins hidden by the overgrown forest.

Convinced her memories were real, she began to search for her past life children. She found a record for Mary Sutton- an Irish woman with eight children.

After extensive searching, Jenny found Sonny. Sonny was the oldest of Mary’s children and had lost his mother at the age of 15. Sonny now 72, was shocked when Jenny was able to recall the intimate details of his childhood. The full story of her journey is detailed in her book, “Across Time and Death”.


Jenny’s appearance on the Passion Harvest podcast is FASCINATING. In addition to speaking about her past life memories, she reveals her premonitions of the future and memories of death in-between lives.

Interview with Thanatos, Jenny speaks about her life as Mary and a another past life she remembers in Japan:

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