Meet My Deck: The Wild Unknown

It was a dark and rainy day today, which is unusual for Arizona, and I felt called to reach for my Wild Unknown tarot deck. The Wild Unknown deck has a darker more mystical feel than my Spacious Tarot deck. My friend who introduced me to tarot has one darker and one lighter deck- as he put it, they both serve their purpose.

The Wild Unknown is hand-drawn in a minimalistic style by artist Kim Krans. The symbolism is subtle, sometimes predominantly relying on color and lines as indicators of the card’s meaning. For beginners, this deck could be a challenge to learn, but it does come with a well-written guide book. I also used Carrie Mallon’s amazing card-by-card blog guide to initially navigate my way through the deck.

Trigger warning: when I say the deck is darker cards like the 9 of swords is what I’m referring to. I appreciate the honesty of the deck, (if you get this card you know shit is going down,) but I do have to be feeling a particular vibe to use it.

Is this card bad? Asking for a friend.

It’s not all gloom and doom tho- the “happy cards” are full of beautifully drawn animals and vibrant colors. I just want everyone to know what they are signing up for buying this deck.

That being said, let’s meet the cards:
The Major Arcana

The Wild Unknown deck can be purchased on their website for $30 or from Amazon for $26

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