Planets in Astrology

There’s more to your chart than just your Sun sign. To calculate a natal chart, astrology looks at where the sun, moon, and planets were located- in both sign and house placement- at your time of birth.

Planets express their energy in the sign’s style they are in. The houses are the areas of life where they’re lived out.

Planets can be personal, social, or generational.

Personal planets quickly transition between signs and affect us on an individual level.

Social and generational planets transition more slowly, so clusters of people will be born under the same planetary signs. Slow-moving planets affect things on more of a societal level. It is interesting to look back at historical eras to see which generational signs were at play.

Look at your house placements for social and generational planets to see how their energy affects you on an individual level.

-Personal planets-

Your sun sign is your core personality and shows how you shine.

The house sun occupies shows the types of experiences that give you individuality.

The sun says: “I am”

Associated sign: Leo

Transition: 30 days

Your moon sign is your inner world, how you react and feel.

The house moon occupies will suggest what kind of activity helps you recharge.

The moon says: “I feel”

Associated sign: Cancer

Transition: 2-3 days

Your Mercury sign is your communication, thinking, and learning style.

The house Mercury occupies shows where you have a voice and what you give a lot of thought to.

Mercury says: “I think”

Associated signs: Gemini and Virgo

Transition: 3-4 weeks.

Your Venus sign shows how you approach relationships, where you find enjoyment, and how you spend your money.

The house your Venus occupies shows which areas of life make you happy and where you best harmonize with others.

Venus says: “I love”

Associated signs: Taurus and Libra

Transition: 4-5 weeks

Your Mars sign is your basic sexual nature, energy level, and how you express anger.

The house your Mars occupies shows where to direct your energy and where action could bring success.

Mars says: “I act”

Associated sign: Aries

Transitions: between signs every 6 to 7 weeks

-The Social Planets-

Your Jupiter sign is your outlook on life. It is also your search for knowledge on a philosophical level.

The house your Jupiter occupies shows where you experience abundance and luck. It also shows where you look for wisdom and understanding.

Jupiter says: “I seek”

Associated sign: Sagittarius

Transition: 12 to 13 months

Your Saturn sign is your discipline, sense of responsibility, and how you respond to rules.

The house your Saturn occupies shows where you will experience struggles, delays, and blockages. Saturn’s obstacles point to your karmic lessons for this life.

Saturn says: “I structure”

Associated sign: Capricorn

Transition: 2 to 3 years

-The Generational Planets-

Your Uranus sign is your generation’s innovations and revolutionary ideals.

The house your Uranus occupies shows where you look to stir things up, have aha moments, or go against the grain.

Uranus says: “I evolve”

Associated sign: Aquarius

Transition: 7 years

The sign of your Neptune represents your generation’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

The house your Neptune occupies shows where you over idealize and ignore reality. Neptune creates confusion in the house it resides in.

Neptune says: “I dream”

Associated sign: Pisces

Transition: 13-14 years

The sign of your Pluto is your generation’s creations and destructions. When Pluto transitions, old societal norms will die and new ideals will take their place.

The house Pluto occupies shows where deep transformation and psychological growth occur.

Associated sign: Scorpio

Pluto says: “I transform”

Transition: 12-31 years

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