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  • Planets in Astrology
    There’s more to your chart than just your Sun sign. To calculate a natal chart, astrology looks at where the sun, moon, and planets were located- in both sign and house placement- at your time of birth. Planets express their energy in the sign’s style they are in. The houses are the areas of life […]
  • That One Time I Waited on the Long Island Medium
    I had no idea she was coming. I was working my normal shift at the hotel restaurant and in came Theresa Caputo- the Long Island Medium. She was at the hostess stand; I saw her hair first. “No. Fucking. Way.” I panicked, went to the back, started fan girl shaking. She sat in my section, […]
  • “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” – Lori Gottlieb
    “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” is a memoir written by therapist Lori Gottlieb about being a therapist, her own therapy, and the stories of her patients’ healing. Through anecdotal stories, Lori gives a behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of a therapy office and a glimpse into the insights and wisdom that arises. TBH, […]