Yoga for Kids

I’ve been trying to foster a love of yoga in my kiddos since they could walk. They love to show off their yoga tricks (and even make up a few “poses” of their own). Below are some resources to get your kids excited about yoga.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

My kids LOVE doing Cosmic Kids yoga videos. Jaime takes kids’ themes (like Minecraft and Frozen) and creates interactive yoga adventures. You can follow on Instagram to see when new videos are released.

IMYOGI Yoga Cards for Kids

These yoga cards from Etsy are so so cute. My kids have always been attracted to the “acting like animals” part of yoga, and the fun art on these cards bring that concept to life. $33

ABC Yoga

This is a sweet board book that’s fun to read at bedtime or bring on the mat. Kids can learn their A to Z’s while moving their bodies. $9

DK Yoga for Kids

I’m always impressed at DK’s reference books. “Yoga for Kids” is a great resource for teaching your kids the mechanics and alignment of poses. $14

Yogi Dice

Make it a game! Kids can roll these wooden dice to create a sequence. The heart dice means say something nice about the people with you ❤️. You can see a full offering of their kids yoga products on their website. $12

Yoga Mats

A couple of kid sized yoga mats, I really want to impulse buy them all.

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