That One Time I Waited on the Long Island Medium

I had no idea she was coming. I was working my normal shift at the hotel restaurant and in came Theresa Caputo- the Long Island Medium. She was at the hostess stand; I saw her hair first. “No. Fucking. Way.”

I panicked, went to the back, started fan girl shaking. She sat in my section, omggggg, this is happening. I gathered myself, put on my server persona, and acted normal (well baseline normal for me at least).

And she was SO nice. She used my name, made eye contact, said thank you for everything, she made me laugh, her friends were funny, and yes, she’s an amazing tipper. I told her at the end of the meal that I knew who she was and thanked her for all the good she’s put into the world. She was so sweet about it. It was awesome.

Theresa held an event at the hotel the following night. Most of my customers had gone to the event and came for dinner afterwards.

One couples’ food was taking longer than normal so I went over to offer some drinks while they waited. One of the men told me he was in no rush because he had just been to see the Long Island Medium and was still processing. I told him I had waited on her the previous night, that she was lovely, and he launched into his story.

He said he lost his mom a few months ago, and he’s never believed in psychics before, but he’s been having such a hard time that his boss bought him a ticket.

He told me he was sitting in the audience when Theresa walked over and said, “I’m looking for a son who lost his mother, she says there was some jewelry that was lost in a burgundy jewelry bag, but you’ve recently found it…it’s thumbprint jewelry, no, no, it’s like… there’s a tattoo of thumbprints near the jewelry.”

As he’s telling me this, he pulls down his shirt and shows me a ring on a chain and he’s got two thumbprints tattooed on his chest in the shape of a heart. “THESE,” he said pointing to the thumbprints “are my mothers. and THIS!” he said pointing to the ring, “I lost this in a burgundy bag and JUST fucking found it the other day.”

He started to cry, I started to cry. I could see the hostess was seating me tables and I was falling behind, but I uncharacteristically didn’t care. I just crouched down next to the table and hugged this stranger while he grieved. Spirit brought him to me, and me to him.

Later that night Theresa stopped by the lobby bar. My friend who has suffered a lot of devastating loss her in life was working. Theresa approached her and delivered messages of love and healing to her. It was such an amazing weekend having her at the hotel. If you want to learn more about Theresa, you can check out her website or listen to her podcast.

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